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Tips to an Outstanding Rental Experience

1. Communication

a. The more complete information we can get about your project, the better guidance we can provide.
b. We offer the use of a toll free number for you to communicate any variables you come across in your project. We would rather have you call us than try to work it out yourself. Our experts are on staff for this reason!

2. Realistic expectations

a. There is a learning curve and there is no substitute for experience.

b. Machines lessen the labor, they donʼt eliminate it.

3. Damage Waiver

a. Accepting the damage waiver will make it possible for us to give you a guaranteed total cost for the rental. Thatʼs just how it works.

4. Cleaning

a. Equipment is expected to be returned in as clean of condition as you received it in. If cleaning is included in the rental rate, we will let you know.

5. Rental Period/Hour Meter

a. Rentals have a defined time out and in. We do allow some grace time, but it pays to know when the due date and time is. If you run into a problem, just call us!

b. Any machine with an hour meter has its hours recorded.The rental includes a determined number of hours before it starts charging overtime. The meter is not used to discount the rental.

6. Safety

a. Your safety is very important to us and we will never do anything to compromise it.

7. Have fun

a. We understand that if our equipment does not perform properly we are costing you time and money. We have expert mechanics to make sure all equipment is top-notch.

b. We will also keep in mind that life is short and if we are going work together, we want it to be fun for you and for us.
the ORE team

Rental Terms

  1. We require a PA driverʼs license as identification.

  2. Damage waiver is available for 15% of the rental. It covers accidental damage to our equipment - some exclusions on select equipment.

  3. Special rates: Call about overnight, weekend, Sunday and / or long term rentals.

  4. Delivery Available - Call 855-ORE-RENT for rates

We accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

Our sales room is stocked with anything you might need to complement your rental experience - everything from construction supplies to safety equipment. If we don’t have what you need, let us know.

Even the best most cared for equipment can break down. Equipment service is available with your rental should you experience problems with the equipment while out on rent. In the event of equipment failure, please contact our service department at 855-ORE-RENT to speak with one of our technicians who will help you begin the diagnosis process.

Have you ever had a piece of your own equipment break down and weren't sure where to find parts? Call or stop in with your piece of equipment and let us see if we can help.

Need a large piece of equipment? Don’t have the time to come pick up the equipment you need? We can deliver anytime, anywhere! Contact us for rates and more details.

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