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Our Mission: To Improve Life with Our Rental Service.

It is our responsibility to assure prompt and lasting customer satisfaction. The most important aspect of our work is quality. Our culture is built on mutual respect, and a belief in people. Our teammates should demonstrate personal responsibility for the company success. Long term results guide our actions, decisions and planning. Our effectiveness is measured by the answer to one question "Would you refer us to your friends". We seek partnerships with businesses that share our values.

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Company History:

ORE was founded in 1971 by Dieter and Rosalie Blobe as Outdoor Recreational Equipment. The original model was to serve the outdoor, biking and camping market. Our first location was a 40’ Blue Moon trailer directly across the street from us in what now is the Richland Market Shopping Center. Equipment rentals were added as a hedge in case the fuel crisis of the time kept people from traveling.

The hedge turned out to be the more viable business segment and required us to change our name to Outstanding Rental Equipment. The business grew along with the Blobe family, Quakertown community and the industry. In 1987 we moved to our current location at 699 N West End Blvd and built a facility that would allow us to serve contractors with the larger equipment they requested. The business was sold to our current owners George and Ron Blobe in 1995. Our growth has always been slow and steady; we want to be the best not the biggest. We are now known as Outstanding Rental Experience. This name reflects our focus on the people we affect with our organization. We will always be committed to providing great equipment, what we love to do is provide "World Famous" service on a daily basis. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s easy to show you…..stop in and EXPERIENCE it.

- George Blobe, Manager

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